Song of the Week (34)

26.06.2013, 00:33 von Christian Cargnelli

Lovin' Spoonful: "Didn't Want to Have to Do It" (1966)

Sommermelancholie. "Summer in the City" kennt jede/r, super Nummer, aber The Lovin' Spoonful waren mehr als das. "They were built around John Sebastian, who sang and blew mouth-harp and wrote songs, and he was people. He wore small round glasses and looked like a sleepy John Lennon, he smiled very gentle and wrote the laziest songs you ever heard. Musically, he had his roots in the country blues and Nashville C&W and the Memphis jug bands, in Fats Waller and Rambling Jack Elliott and any kind of good-time music he came across, and his lyrics were splendid, his melody lines curled up and purred like so many drowsy cats." (Nik Cohn, 1969)