Song of the Week (21)

27.03.2013, 18:42 von Christian Cargnelli

Magnetic Fields: "Busby Berkeley Dreams" (1999)

69 Love Songs von den Magnetic Fields alias Stephin Merritt gehört zu jenen unvergesslichen Alben, die zu Recht als Klassiker der Popmusik gelten. "Merritt has attempted to explain his love of love and of music in every conceivable way and in every possible style over this 3-CD set. His heart is despondent, though always strangely satisfied. He's bitter but never completely twisted. Merritt's lyrics are cruel and crushing, Goffin-King songs sung by fallen cheerleaders and ugly teenage boys. 69 Love Songs is an essential guide to loving music." (Betty Clarke, Guardian, 2 June 2000)