Song of the Week (1)

08.11.2012, 20:46 von Christian Cargnelli

Nick Lowe: "Skin Deep" (1979)

"Love and affection of the coveted kind, it's just belly to belly, but never eye to eye." In the late 1970s Nick Lowe was the coolest cat of pop. "Skin Deep" is from his second solo album Labour of Lust (1979) which was preceded by the equally fantastic Jesus of Cool (1978).

"Nick Lowe has a fondness for slogans. Pressed for an instant appraisal of himself Lowe offers that he is 'a flea on the back of the elephant of the rock and roll business' - a claim to be an irritant which is tempered with the understanding that the rock business is a cumbersome and thick-skinned animal which is hard to rouse, but that it is at least worth making the effort." (Mick Brown, "When best to mock the rock", Guardian, 23 June 1979)