Song of the Week (69)

26.02.2014, 00:05 von Christian Cargnelli

Richard and Linda Thompson: "I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight" (1974)

Cheerful and moving - ein Denkmal für die Thompsons! "A batch of songs that are strong, strangely timeless, but unmistakably English, without sounding in the least bit 'folksy", schrieb Robin Denselow damals im Guardian über das gleichnamige Album. "They are sturdy, stirring, or eerie, with echoes of Victorian ballads, music hall, and industrial folk song, and they are performed with a bleak intenstity. The arrangements are carved down to the essentials, though with some original variations, like the introduction of a silver band on the title track. The lyrics are almost all chillingly black, but there is no mawkishness, no sentiment, and just enough hint of hope and nobility for the effect of this strange and compelling album to be far from depressing." (Guardian, 31 May 1974)