Song of the Week (33)

19.06.2013, 00:58 von Christian Cargnelli

The House of Love: "Destroy the Heart" (1988)

Britpop before Britpop - what a sound! John Peel liebte The House of Love. Nachdem er die Band im Frühjahr 1988 in Leeds gesehen hatte, schrieb er: "The House of Love showed within seconds that they have that inner tension that makes for a great rather than a merely good band. This greatness may not be, often is not, translated into commercial success, but with the House of Love it is there in moments of song that, as with whispered asides, seem to be for you and you alone; in the preoccupation of the musicians with establishing something individual which, almost accidentally, becomes part of a greater whole. There are so many moments of spooky, elusive beauty in the songs and in their playing but you cannot allow attention to wander for a second. This was one of those rare performances that I wished I could have taken away with me." (Observer, 22 May 1988)